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An eclectic collection of handcrafted fashion and fun!
Specialising in crochet, hand knitting and weaving, with a wide range of items including scarves, cowls, shawls, blankets, toys and tea sets. Quality unique items, handmade with care and handcrafted with love.

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A wonderful selection of skillfully handmade items available now for purchase. Choice, quality yarns are combined with beautiful designs, each emphasising the beauty and quality of the yarn. Hand dyed and hand spun yarns feature throughout the collection, and most items are one of a kind with colour combinations rarely repeated.
An exceptional scarf to admire, a unique baby blanket to treasure, a special tea set to cherish. Craftsmanship to wear, wrap, enfold, embrace and play!
Buy now! Shop here for premium design and artisanship in handcrafted creations.
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